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The Red Powder


It is a complete blend of red superfoods containing anthocyanins and other tannins which provide with an improved blood flow, the natural vitamin utilising compounds help in absorbing vitamins and provide with an anti-aging effect while having a sweet tarty taste.


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Know your Ingredients

  • Pomegranate:- Has heart healthy compounds, good of kidney function   
  • Strawberry:- Rich in vitamin C, has naturally occurring phosphoric acid.
  • Acai Berry:- Very high anti-oxidant capacity and boosts blood flow.
  • Tomato:- Boosts hormone utility and source of naturally occurring citric acid.
  • BeetRoot:- Boosts vitamin utilisation and oxygen transport.
  • Watermelon:- Aids in muscle recovery and reduces muscle cramps.
  • Stevia Powder:- Naturally alkaline in nature, prevents cancer, gives a boost of energy, and has both slow release and fast release sugars. 
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